Welcome to Patrade EXTRANET


Briefly put, EXTRANET is a tool to ease the administration of your case portfolio with PATRADE A/S. EXTRANET provides among other things a summary of all future deadlines to ensure the best possible intellectual property protection at all times. Additionally EXTRANET provides a summary of case milestones, a complete financial summary of a particular case and the option of downloading documents or possible citations just to mention a few of the options offered by EXTRANET.

How do I gain access to EXTRANET?

To gain access to EXTRANET you must sign an EXTRANET-agreement with PATRADE A/S. Then you will receive a personal user name and password with which you access your case portfolio on EXTRANET.


The information available on EXTRANET is presented via an encrypted connection. Combined with a password-based login-routine which is based on both computer specific and session specific ID this contribute to securing that the information on EXTRANET doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Same system - new design

Since the launch of EXTRANET in 2007 many features have been added, but the design has remained the same. With the merge of EXTRANET with our other IT system, IP Highlighter, we have chosen to give EXTRANET a welcome face lift, so the system now appears new and fresh. But behind the scenes everything is as it used to be - the same posibilities and the same tools which our many users like - just a modern look and feel.


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Extranet will not work in Internet Explorer starting January 2022.

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